1.Finding Purpose Through Shared Journ(als)eys

this is for anyone seeking direction, inspiration, equilibrium, and to love thyself — I know I am…

wanting to share both experience-based knowledge and research evidence, to assist and inspire your path of inner work, to embrace deeper purpose and connection with life.

starting here — July 17th, a first post dedicated to my soul sister, on her birthday, may you embrace your eternal protection and love. 

for the past three years, I´ve struggled with heavy (let’s just call it) “burnout,” which slowly would manifest in all aspects of my being— emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. experiencing firsthand what my indigenous professor referred to as soul sickness, soul loss. speaking to my complete disconnect from my sense of self, my life involvement, my purpose, and my reason for being. and this was only exacerbated when not knowing where to tend to for guidance, or where to begin….

the stories that we share are our medicine. and in sharing our lived experiences, it can help one´s present, past, or future situations, making people ask ´What am I going through?` (inspired by Queen Afua). I am fully committed to love and equality, knowing that we all may heal when one share.

regardless of religious affiliation, we all are spiritual beings, seeking the capacity to see our transcendent relationship and the presence of spirit in one another (inspired by Dr. Lisa Miller).

I was not raised religious, however, I find it empowering to “pray/manifest/state my gratitude” to life, the universe, nature, or God…whom ever you may live a life with…to lean on words in times of despair…

concluding words of prayer/manifestation: “Thank you for providing me with all that I need. I seek wisdom to spend responsibly, so I may have extra to give when meeting one in need. Guide me to be generous, even in my own times of need. I desire a heart motivated by love and equality for all people. May I be an instrument of this wonderful cycle of giving and receiving.”

Stay tuned for more… We all have light to share.

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