3-min goal w/Gry Hansen

Good morning,

I’ve been wanting to share my recent conversations with the powerful Movement Teacher, Gry Hansen, and the 3-min goal she introduced to me.

We discussed the power of “freedom,” where balance starts with free motion.

Going from the brain in your head to the ‘bran’ in your body, in an act to let go.

To strengthen your internal knowledge, creating connection to who you are, which is a part of the ‘healing’ journey of becoming more secure in oneself.

Key: intelligence, health, quality

The 3-minute goal:

As one of my focuses are to get in contact with my body, Gry introduced the 3minute practice

1) To stand straight up and down, stable on both feet, with an intention of noticing ‘what is unbalanced,’ ‘how I am standing,’ ‘what needs to be corrected,’ ‘is the right and left side in alignment’….

2) Following the act of standing still, you can begin to softly pound all over your body, to stimulate and talk with your body

3) Still standing in your structure, you can then begin to shake your body, and to feel you body vibrate

4) Lastly, loosely rotate your body and comfortably swing with your joints

I was intrigued by how getting in touch with your bodily vessel, may provide answers over time and discolse the simplest things


The focus of this 3-min goal is to become aware and comfortable with the different dimensions of your bodily layers. Your under extremity connected to grounding, and your over extremity to freedom.

The 3x Bodily layers:

  • Upper layer: surface of ocean, ripples, alive, motion
  • Center: Your core, spine, and everything connects with the spine.
  • Lower layer: bottom of the ocean, earth, heavy, still

Asking yourself: how do you feel in motion/stillness, in the center of your body?

An insightful statement she shared was: “the place you feel pain deep inside your body can be traced back to your spine…”


It has been magical to explore the 3-minute goal while greeting the Sun in the mornings..✨

You can find Gry Hansen on IG: @ bygdayogaskule and her website: http://www.bygdayogaskule.com

Thank you for your time.

Take good care of you,

Sincerely Mina Marie Anglero

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