A Day In The Life, off-season edition

Today I woke up 7am, beginning with a nice 10-15min body scan and foam rolling. I am truly enjoying the extra time in the mornings to get both mentally and physically prepared. My breakfast was my currently all time favorite smoothie bowl with seeds, nuts & granola, with boiled eggs on the side.

Next up, a nice walk up to campus for today’s classes.

For lunch, I head on over to Haas Pavilion (the student-athlete building with our locker rooms, weight room, training room and more). We receive on free meal Monday through Friday, called 竄Grab and Go. You pick the meals one week prior, with different selections each week. Todays meal was the Breakfast Box.

After lunch I had my weekly meeting with my sports psychologist.

Next up was treatment time, beginning with 7min in the warm tub and then, a lot of cupping.  Today’s focus was on my knee, quads, hip, and back. All injuries that I more or less have been trying to maintain throughout this XC season.

yes, it is very painful (-:

After treatment, it was off to tutoring for an hour. Tutoring has been a huge positive contributor to my academics, a service for student-athletes that I am very privileged to have.

Next up, I arrived at the daycare to the children who I babysit, where we ended up going a for a nice long walk to the park.

At 6pm it was back to Haas Pavilion for a team meeting with the whole Cal t&f team and our new head coach, Robyne Johnson. 

walking home.

The rest of the night went to studying, meal prepping and a “good-night” evening routine.  

soon reunited with family and friends

Food for thought; What are you grateful for today?

Good night hugs,

Mina Marie

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