Are you a VATA, PITTA or KAPHA type?

It has been an adventurous, challenging, beautiful, fulfilling, mentally draining, and knowledgable summer. During my journey of coming back from a serious injury and a very heavy burn-out, I was introduced to Ayurveda this summer, by a dear friend of mine (shout out to the beautiful Christina Danielsen), and since then I have researched and read different books to go in-depth, and completely understand this impactful concept.

One of the very first quotes I read from Ayurveda was: “Reach a state of mind of having gratitude towards becoming more intelligent from each experience that your everyday life brings you”.

Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic medicine, provides us with guidelines to a healthier lifestyle, a tradition from the Indian continent. I was caught by the quote they related to health “having a inner joy to dance to the radio music one early morning”, as it defines good health as; mental balance, physical health, spiritual wellness, social welfare, seasonal variations in the way we live, interpersonal relationships, environmental considerations, nutrition, and lifestyle trends in everyday life. What I found to be so profound in Ayurveda, is how provides us with suggestions towards good health, prevention from bad health, and possible treatments, all based on which Dosha (body type/constitution) you align with; VATA, PITTA, or KAPHA. Each of us will have a unique proportion of the three Doshas, yet, you will find that you have a dominating Dosha. However, in some cases, as with myself, you can be a strong combination of two of the different Dosha’s.

As you discover the dominating or combination of Dosha’s, you can begin to understand your own constitution. They each play an important role in Ayurveda, as they regulate our emotional, mental, and physical constitution. Based on your knowledge of which Dosha, or Dosha-combination you belong to, Ayurveda can help you live up to your own potential through the seven ways; constitution, nutrition, cleansing, rejuvenation, strength and silence, ecology and relationships.

TEST YOURSELF and see which Dosha type/types you connect to:

I am just getting started with “The-Ayurvedic-way”, however, what has caught my attention the most is its ability to connect everything to nature, simplifying life, and guiding us towards a healthy and natural way of living. I am learning good and bad foods for my body (even though it is hard to let go of a couple of the “tasty-habits”), it breaks down different nutritional ingredients to provide guidance to what will benefit your body and why, as well as it has inspired me to try different lifestyle habits that will improve my overall mental and physical health.

I even brought my Ayurveda book down to France

Hope this brief introduction gave some clarity to a possible new lifestyle that you would like to learn more about:) More content around Ayurveda is to be expected.


Mina Marie

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