Aug 21st “Unpredictable Life”

Life is full of unpredictable moments.

Adjusting to change takes time. Just like sailors need time to adapt to the sea and get their “sea legs,” mountain climbers need rest to acclimate their lungs to high altitudes, and scuba divers ascend slowly to regulate pressure, even adjusting to daylight savings can take some time. Adjusting to life’s shifts requires patience.

In the face of challenges, remember that you possess the resilience to stand unwavering. The journey of acclimation might test your patience, but trust that life is honing your abilities for every circumstance you encounter.

Expressing gratitude for life’s preparatory storms, let us remain vigilant and receptive to the signals that equip us for difficulties lying ahead.

Are there current changes unsettling your equilibrium?

Focus becomes your guiding light in these moments. As you yearn to progress, embrace the need to reconcile with past events, transforming them into stepping stones toward new thoughts and inquiries.

Consider the lessons that unfold:

What wisdom can be gleaned from this experience?

What treasures lie hidden within this chapter of life?

How might this seemingly disconcerting situation be transformed into a source of inspiration?

Life’s intricate dance invites us to flow with its rhythm, for in the midst of the unknown, we find opportunities to craft our own narrative of strength and growth.

Golden Gate Park 23

With love, Mina Marie Anglero

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