Aug 3rd “time”

This summer has been a period of inner struggle for me as I grappled with the idea of giving up something that promises immediate value and currency in our contemporary world.

Most mornings, Ive found myself engaged in a mental battle, torn between wanting to let go of past decisions and fully embracing the present…but letting go has been and IS a significant barrier for me.


today, during my morning stretches – a space where I consciously enter “the now” – I finally received the answer I have been seeking… In this sacred space, I realized that, instead of pursuing the currencies our society values, I have been granted a more profound and personal form of currency: my time. This summer has gifted me with the opportunity to think, reflect, be, explore, embrace, and feelall the highs and lows.

What resonated with me was the realization that when we embrace time as the most valuable currency, then we WILL be content, then we WILL be enlightened, then we WILL BE love… This unique form of currency holds immeasurable worth and can’t be compared to any external possessions or societal titles.

To anyone pursuing external currencies like wealth, a prestigious job, or an impressive title, I urge you to find solace in your waiting period. Embrace the greatest value of allyour timean intangible and irreplaceable currency that only you can truly appreciate and understand the true value of.


With much love,

Mina Marie Anglero

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