August 2021; Recap

One of my biggest highs: first official day as a graduate student at the Graduate School of Education, at UC Berkeley (!!!)

What new habit that I have been trying to build feels natural to me now: being able to sit in complete silence, with my surrounds and internal thought, for 30seconds (and I say this with pure joy because that has taken me a loooong time)

Favorite food: real American sandwiches

pesto, avocado, special sauce, Swiss cheese, sourdough bread, ham,

What I did this month, that I need to stop doing: saying sorry way to often, however, I am now learning to shift my mindset to rather being grateful

Biggest excitement: EXTREMELY happy with graduate school – the people and the program

Moments I looked forward to: volunteering at ECAP, in Oakland, CA (as many times a week as my schedule would allow)

New food I tried: home made korean food (SO good)

Memorable moment: going to my first MLB game

Enjoyable events: All the different events hosted by the Division of Graduate School of UC Berkeley

Workouts I have been enjoying: medicine ball !

Exciting “first”: Officially registered myself to vote

Important lessons this month: Listen to your body and love yourself the way you would love a friend. Be kind to yourself. To be an advocate for yourself! Sleep, rest, recovery, are a necessity.

Favorite core exercise: TRX

Grateful moments: every second I get to talk with my family (on the other side of the world), either during their evening or mid-night

Memorable XC moments: when sweating it out with team mates

Exciting news: Officially being hired in Haas Business School’s Center for Responsible Business, working with the launching of their new project, The Nordic Center

Food most made: stir-fry – and don’t forget the curry (!)

important to do your happy dance with your first bite.

Impactful quote: always feed someone else before yourself – either it is your child, your plants, your dog/cat — always give first.

Mental breaks that I have enjoyed: getting back into roller skiing along the Berkeley Marina, overlooking San Francisco the entire time — very grateful

cloths by Daehli
cloths by Daehli

Most challenging thing this month: learning, understanding, and allowing time and just being.

What help me during difficult situations: tried sitting down and listening more, weird as this is something I truly do not know how to do, and I also reached out to good, and important people in my life.

A good thing with being back to “normal”: free lunches and snacks

Exciting new understandings: learning to be more appreciative of nature

That’s it for now, until next time lovely people 歹

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