Back On Track (at least visually)


For months I have been wanting to write, having so much I want to present, discuss, and break down — but I have not known where to begin.

So, I am starting here, as I am sitting outside with the sun shining strongly and a light breeze hitting my face, in Berkeley, California. This is the last semester of my senior year at Cal as a student-athlete, and as the days, months and years have gone by, I’ve experienced my awareness growing broader and my interests growing stronger.


On March 16th it had been one year since Berkeley went into lockdown and I left back to Norway. There I completed almost two full semesters on a 9h time difference schedule. With six MRIs and my injury not healing, it ended up taking 10 months until I would be able (want) to run on the track again – a mental break that I needed. As I temporarily closed the door for running, I explored many new and different paths, for instance connecting with old and new mentors, finding my love for reading and writing, spending time in nature, building stronger relationships with friends and family, as well as taking my mental health and wellbeing into my own hands by encountering as many tools as I could get a hold of.


I know everyone has had their fair share of COVID, and for that, I am proud of YOU. It has been over a year and YOU got through it thus far. I know this may not have been the easiest time, or that this has been “the” worst time of your life — know that I feel with you, and know that you NEVER have to be alone. We’ve heard stories of (and possibly know) people who have lost their jobs, their loved ones, and maybe even themselves. However, through belief, balance, and love — I do believe we all can get through this period of our life, and that we all hold the answers and tools needed in life, within ourselves, sometimes we just need a little guidance.

Through my experiences, by seeking help and wanted to learn – I have had the opportunity to be introduced to different helpful tools, however, I never really made the time nor effort to practice them. Until now, and with that — welcome to my journey.

Beautiful B繪, Norway

As I arrived back in the US for my last semester as an undergraduate, the academic load quickly accumulated, simultaneously as I was beginning to run consistently. However, within my first weeks, there was another minor injury and I immediately had to take several weeks of running, again – really challenging my ability to stay patience and calm, as well as trusting the process. And the mental challenges arose again, thankfully I did have those tools to lean on, but I was still lacking a fundamental practice to support me through this journey.


Only two weeks after recovering from my injury, I was able to compete in the Pac-12 Cross Country Championships. This was an extremely enjoyable experience, yet VERY physically painful. No matter how far behind I placed compared to the prior year and no matter how far behind fitness-wise I felt, I was back. I WAS running again (something I did not want to do just months/weeks prior), I was mentally in the race, I was enjoying it, and I was a part of a team again.

Now I am back on the track (at least visually). One can see me run, see my times and my performances. However, my vision goes much broader and deeper than that. What one cannot see is the physically and psychological well-being of each individual — which is the MOST important part. If there is anything that I have learned from my time as a student-athlete is that YOU are responsible for your own mental health. Yes, you might have helpful resources around you, but it is up to you to really take care of yourself, taking the breaks you need and listening to your body before it is too late.


Yes, it would be amazing to run PR times, but with not the most ideal training preparation for this season – the only thing I can do is my best visually on the track, and to really work on my physical and psychological well-being. So far I know we only got this life…

Being a part of such a loving family, being in relation with important friends and an energizing and supporting team – they all serve as great reminders of how one is a part of something bigger than oneself, and that we are all carrying around heavy luggage and working on ourself. Physically and psychologically I am trying to get back and find my way, I can’t do this for anyone else (no matter how much I want to help) but what I can do for them is to start with myself.

Today I DO see progression. It is EXTREMELY slow, but with the right amount of patience I do believe that all the pieces will come together – for us all. I am now diving into the different tools, “gathering data” (as I like to call it) and trying to find what works for me – and maybe you

(and these tools are not as complicated as we may have them to be)

1: The value of LOVE.

>>Surrounding yourself with people who you love, as well as be willing to see/be grateful for ALL that you DO have.

Being back in Berkeley has been EXACTLY what I needed, even though it was an extremely difficult decision to make – it was an opportunity for me to try to listen to that deep inner gut feeling, as well as reaching out to the people around me. Returning to Berkeley has given me time to reconnect with old friends, build stronger relationships and grow new relationships.

Don’t underestimate the power of connecting with people and spending time with people who give the right kind of energy.

So this blog post goes out to my loved ones, this journey would not be the same without you!


Mina Marie Anglero

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