BIG (life & website) UPDATE


Firstly, (belated) HAPPY NEW YEAR. I know we are already in February, but may this year become a year of growth, opportunity, and happiness for you all.

Secondly, I have replaced my previous website ( with this site name: Mina Cares, as it correlates better with my passion and mission.

I want to keep my posts short, sweet, and precise, so here is a bullet point update:

  • Current location: Oslo, Norway
  • Emotional status: my keyword is healing…my key questions have been 1) where do I start? 2) what do I do? 3) where do I go?….. a journey that I am currently in the midst of and want to share, openly and honestly.
  • Academic status: Writing my Master’s research paper under UC Berkeley on the International, elite, track & field, female student-athlete experience, purpose: contribute to the ongoing conversation around the importance of enhancing student-athletes’ holistic well-being through the accomplishment of individualized wellness techniques.
  • Athletic status: Home with COVID-19, and in the process of examining other symptoms that have delayed my return to the track.
  • Work status: I am beyond grateful and excited to be working for Athletes For Hope, alongside my internship with Athletes Soul — great organizations for athletes wanting to help themselves and/or others
  • Favorite daily routine: the moments of silence that the mornings hold, where I can be present in my yoga routine and breathing
  • Favorite book atm: The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture by Daniel Mat矇 and Gabor Mat矇
  • Favorite wellness challenge: sampling standing still, feeling the balance under my feet, noticing how my body naturally leans forward, and finding back to my equilibrium

Blog post to be expected in the near future: re-introduction of myself — ‘Why I decided to drop out from UC Berkeley as a D1 student-athlete — notes from sessions with my mentors — and more…

Until next time,

Mina Marie Anglero

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