Create your own wings.

I wish to have enough courage to be as transparent as possible about my current situations as well as to have a willingness to open up, all in order for us all to grow.

Throughout the years, a couple of keywords for me have been: expectations, dreams, and timing.

I have continuously (continue to) questioned “Why am I here?” and in seeking this answer, I am learning to go out of my own head, and to rather open my eyes, look up and look around (and if I need to do it again, I will look around again until I find the answer).

The evidence to why I am here is the fact that I AM HERE, and, therefore, I am supposed to be here.

We are all spiritual beings, encasedin a physical body, gifted with an intellect, and with unlimited capability. Our unlimited potential is possible, as long as we have the right mindset, belief, and vision – because it is all already there.

Do you remember the movie Dumbo? Dumbo always had the right equipment to help him fly, however, it was not until he believed in himself and created “his own wings” (with belief in the feather) that he had courage and confidence enough to pursue his destiny.

It all starts with frequency and vibration.

For a long time, goal setting has been hard for me, as I have not been able to achieve my goals in a long time, I have been tuned in to the wrong frequency. I need to change my perception of myself because if I truly know I can, then I can. We all face challenges, but throughout it, there needs to be a deep belief.

When being too much of a high achiever, one may lose IN-sight to oneself.

At the end of the day we all seek and need love – and if you have lost this sight, you can get it back.

Everything that has happened up until now, has taken place in order for you to understand the magnitude of what you have accomplished. Without any of it, there would be nothing to measure it against, in order for you tounderstand the significanceof your achievements.

My conclusion, thus far, is that I want to be more like the person I was when I was young, to be able to meet this present moment as a child would, to come back to my true essence and act based on the joy and love for what I do.

So, how can I make it work for me(?), I asked, and the answer I was given was: the solution is always there, you just have to find it, either through decompressing, listening, experimenting, etc.

“When the student is ready, the master will appear”

Achieving your goals begins with the feeling. Fall in love with your passion again. Visualize your goals – mentally see yourself accomplishing your goals. Belief before behavior.


Thank you to coach Dominic Militello.


Mina Marie Anglero

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