Cutting the chain of intercollegiate athletics abuse

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I was talking to an earlier teammate of mine who asked me about the articles that recently have been published about the suspension of our team doctor.

What articles?! I quickly replied, even though the very first thought I had was wow, it is actually out there色

After our conversation, I read one article after another, where the name and the picture of our team doctor and their misconduct were projected. It brought a huge pain to my chest, being reminded of the countless tears, anger, and despair I have felt over the last days, weeks, months, and years

The articles reminded me of how our pain and experience have not been seen, understood, or respected. 

It hurts because, I, to this day have someone very close who is still under severe PTSD treatment because of this person and their actions. 

It hurts because I know the truth. 

It hurts because I am still healing. 

At first, I thought I was alone in my own experience, but I would experience a form of trauma as a response mechanism when a dear teammate and friend shared their own abuse with the team doctor.

In this process I have faced the lesson of not being selfish in such a situation宇hinking that I should/could have stopped it when thinking of those who had a more dangerous experience than me, which was happening in the other room, nor thinking that if It happened me I would have said something色 all in effort in trying to remove their pain

The truth is that it is not about me. Instead, what I am focused on learning is to turn my focus and thought process toward the beauty in how people have been brave enough to share their own abuse. I have gone through my own abuse, and in the process learned that one that does have to heal alone I have found the support team that I have been able to always lean on, who has saved me. And so I would want that for each and every soul who has been or is currently in an abusive situation.

I am disappointed in how we have come to use social media solely to project the highlights in our lives when we know that a lot of growth takes place in challenging times and/or in quiet times with yourself, your breath, and your own thoughts 

We are causing so much unnecessary destruction and judgment安hen all we ever need/seek is l-o-v-e…

However, this is not to neglect the wonderful powers of social media, where we are able to reach out and support each other despite timezones and continents I am writing this today as I would want those who have been or are under any type of physical-, mental-, sexual-, and/or emotional abuse to know that you are not alone, to know that telling someone and to find support, and asking for help IS STRENGTH.

YOU are NOT responsible for those who have/are abusing you. 

I have experienced the loss of that innate gut feeling that we are so beautifully born with and am currently in the process of regaining it, listening to it, and following it. 

I am choosing to share because I would want others to know that they are not alone and that there are ways to overcome, move on, and heal. 

I continue to repeat my mother’s great words of wisdom… “we are not meant to go through life alone…”

Dr. Amy Saltzman has written a piece called See it. Stop it. Heal it: Ending Cycles of Abuse in Sports and Society ().Towards the end, she highlights the importance of healing society, where she writes, “to keep our children safe, we must not only dismantle the spiders web, but also create a safety net of prevention, healing, and protection. This net must incorporate six mandates… Mandates 1-3 were covered earlier in this article and are briefly recapped. Mandates 4 and 5 regarding accountability and justice are covered in more detail.

1) Educate Athletes, Parents, Coaches, and Staff

2) Heal Athletes

3) Screen, Heal, and Train Coaches and Staff

4) Establish Systems of Accountability (at the Individual, Club, League, National, and International Levels)

5) Enact and Enforce Legal Procedures that are Truly Just

6) Maximize Media and Sponsor Influence”

You are not alone.


Mina Marie Anglero

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