Aug 23rd, “Generosity”

Today織s morning pages were a really good reminder….:

Giving freely enriches the giver and the receiver. Generosity brings abundance, while stinginess leads to poverty. When we refresh others, we ourselves are refreshed.

One person gives freely and gains even more in return. Another withholds selfishly and ends up in want. The generous prosper, as they uplift others.

The needs in our communities are great. There are families without homes, missionaries without support, food banks without supplies, and nonprofits without funding. It’s overwhelming to consider how we could possibly give enough to make a difference.

But true wealth is not measured in dollars and cents. It comes from giving freely and abundantly, even when it requires sacrifice. In giving, we receive blessings far greater than money can buy.

Generosity takes courage. To give, we may need to do without something ourselves. But in giving freely, we gain so much more. Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Let’s look for opportunities to give today – whether of our time, talents, or resources. Even small acts of kindness can uplift others. As we give generously, we trust that our needs will be provided for in turn.



Mina Marie Anglero

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