January-April; Reflection and a whole lot of GRATITUDE.

I am currently writing from my home in Oslo, Norway, even though I thought my decision on staying in Berkeley was final, only weeks ago…

Thinking back to January, the time has gone by very fast. Today, where the whole world has stopped, I have been forced to do so as well, and what better time to reflect on the last couple of months…

January. This month went by fast. I started with waking up on January 1st (our last day) in NYC, and then I flew back to Norway for a total of six days. As our winter break came to an end, I traveled back to Berkeley to be a part of our Cal team practices and to prepare for the second semester of my junior year.

Morning view.
China town’s best ramen soup.
And then it was back to SF/Berkeley.
Workouts at the dirt track in Berkeley

And then is was time for the season to start..

February. On Feb 1-2nd we traveled to Washington State to compete in UW invitational. The first day we raced in the DMR (relay team of four ladies, each with their own distance to run; 400m, 800m, 1200, 1600m/mile). I had the first leg, running the 1200m. The following day I ran my very first, individual, indoor mile and I experienced it to be a very valuable race. At the beginning of a race season, it is natural to feel a little “rusty” (at least for me)…”how do I start again?” “How is it running in a competitive pack?” “am I ready?”. In this race, I learned a lot about what works and what DOES NOT when it comes to pre-race and race-tactics. All in all, it was an important weekend and a good indicator of where I was fitness-wise and what I needed to work on!

Finally we started with our track workouts, on the actual track!

The second, and my last race of the season was also at UW, the Husky Invite, where I ran a 800m. The race tactic did not work very well this time, however, again I learned a lot and took the experience with me when traveling back home.

Dirt track workouts continued

February 17th, the beginning to my track season of 2020 took a turn. My foot suddenly started aching, and after different tests and taking an MRI, it was confirmed that I had a stress reaction. The following weeks would consist of walking in “The Boot”, and facing a new reality, with a new set of challenges.

February-March. The following weeks consisted of taking a step back from my athletic life and rather spending time with family, friends, and catching up on a lot of school work.

Grateful for spending time with family in San Leandro.
Weekendtrip to Lake Tahoe.
morning pool-session.
Enjoying the beautiful Cali weather while studying

And then, it became a matter of days until everything would again take another turn. The whole campus officially shut down, and suddenly staying in the US became less and less applicable for me… The decision to leave, buying plane tickets and traveling, happened all on the same day, within a couple of hours.

So here you have us, two “very” excited Scandinavian ladies going back home…

Finally reunited with my family
Enjoying the beautiful Oslofjord

I am out of my 14-day-quarantine and I will continue to take one day at the time. I am extremely grateful to be safely home, finally out of the boot, and being surrounded by my family and friends. The days consist of trying to find a new routines consisting of my evenings packed with online classes, and also finding answers to some of the questions several of us might be asking ourselves; “what’s next?”, “what do I want?”, “where do I go?”

It is during these times that it is especially important to focus on what you CAN control, what you DO have, and with that – TO BE GRATEFUL.

I came across this quote the other day…

I am sending all my love and positive thoughts to family, friends and the rest of the world.
Take care and stay safe.

-Mina Marie

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  1. Manuel Smith

    Thank you Ms. Mina Marie inspiration to us all <3

  2. ivind Heier

    V疇r kj疆re Mina. Takk for at du inkluderer oss i din “status rapport”. Det bringer oss n疆rmere og vi synes dine observasjoner og kommentarer er b疇de dype og tankevekkende. Du er ingen ungdom lenger, men en voksen, reflektert kvinne. Tusen takk! N疇 gleder jeg meg til 疇 se deg til helgen, enten l繪rdag, eller s繪ndag. Varme klemmer herfra, Mormor og Morfar

    Sendt fra min iPad

    > Den 15. apr. 2020 kl. 23:28 skrev mina marie anglero : > > >

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