July 2021 recap

As days, weeks, and months continue to go by, faster and faster, I wanted to take the moment to reflect and share upon this past month…

How I began July – exiting last day of quarantine hotel in Oslo, Norway

Happiest memory: for one night, being reunited with my entire family (parents and two brothers), and for just one evening forgetting about all other distractions and worries.

Lesson that I learned: to enjoy what is, rather than taking time for granted, as it is a strong dimension in life that we cannot control, therefore, we can only try to be present and enjoy the now

Enjoyable project: being an intern at Athletes Soul, a startup and non-profit, where there is always a lot happening with event planning, meetings, and assignments

Strongest emotion: gratitude and sorrow

Donations made to charity: Kreftforeningen (https://nettbutikk.kreftforeningen.no/butikk/armband/armband-fuck-cancer/). Cancer evokes feelings that are hard to put into words, which is where “Fuck Cancer” comes in. Profits made from purchasing items from Kreftforeningen goes to youth affected by cancer.

Fuck Cancer workshop - Ung Kreft

Deeply affected by: July 22nd’s 10th anniversary

Quote I am pondering: The Quality of our Thoughts determine the Quality of our Life

A must-have: homemade chocolate fudge.

Toughest moment: leaving my family to return back to Berkeley

Morning ritual: allowing myself time for some form of stretching and/or focus on breath

Where my heart and prayers have/ been: with family


..book: The Power of the Mind to Heal — diving into a complete understanding of healing

..movie: Disney and Pixar’s Soul. This movie speaks specifically to the meaning of life, as it teaches us to follow our passion and purpose. Soul reminds us of the pleasure of just being and appreciating all the beauty that life entails. It reminds us to stop and smell the roses. The Pixar movie explores questions such as the meaning of life, and what life without purpose really means.

..place: some form of nature where grounding is easily accessible

…drink: coffee (with a lot of sweeteners, as I am still adapting to the taste)

..activity: a tie between kayaking and roller-skiing

…eating place: VIPPA (by the fjords in Oslo, Norway)

..daily ritual (almost): going swimming in the ocean or lakes

Random fact I learned: bike helmets have a time limit of only three quality years if you use it a lot outside, in the sun

Something that surprised me: how much I miss playing basketball, so when I decided to attend my first basketball practice since 2016, I was shocked that attending basketball practices with my old team would bring so much joy

Gratitude: for each day that I wake up, as I am given one more day to be and do good

Focus: daring to listen more to my body and to prioritize physical and mental recovery

A moment I challenged myself: after a lot of back and forth, having an extremely hard time making up my mind (the libra in me), I dared to sign-up for and run a 5K on the track, with minimal training and motivation for the sport – as an effort to seek such motivation and joy – and guess what, I really enjoyed it.

Bislett Stadium at 9.30 pm

That’s all for now – now let’s see what August has in store for us.

Love to you and yours,

Mina Marie Anglero

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