July 22nd, 2011

“The wound that never heals”

Do you remember where you were ten years ago? What you were doing on July 22, 2011?

I remember this day as if it was yesterday. I was shopping with my mom in downtown Oslo when the bomb went off

We heard a big sound, felt the whole ground shake and saw the clothing racks move

We went outside. “Was it thunder?”

The sky was clear and the sun was shining

Minutes later… police cars, ambulances, and even military trucks and tanks began storming towards the city center

We arrived back home (in a hurry), turned the TV on and from that moment on, it seemed as if we were living in a nightmare that would never end 

Norway had been a victim of two terror attacks, and it was done by one of our own people

The governmental district in Oslo was attacked by a bomb explosion, and less than two hours later, politically engaged youths on the little island of Ut繪ya where shot at and killed

To this day, I still cannot fathom how this could happen? Who would do such an inhuman thing? Why? What would happen with the victims and how would their psychological needs be met/taken care of?

22-July Monuments - www.savannahsvebakkbohn.com

The Ut繪ya Monument

With the horror, sorrow, and loss, this is to be a day to remember, bring awareness and spread love towards the 77 people who lost their lives, to the survivors, to their families, and to all the heroes who helped save lives that day.

The nation’s response was powerful, as we met the attack with democracy and openness

We responded to July 22nd, by bringing our nation closer together 

There were flower marches the next days and months that followed, and we found support among each other

Most of us know someone who was directly or indirectly affected, or we know someone who knew someone affected. Their stories of survival are inspiring and admirable (and you can find these stories all over the internet)

Downtown Oslo歹

Our responsibility: to educate ourself about what happened (in your most comfortable way – reading or watching pieces previously made), recognize the day, to show our respect, and to look at this horrible event as a reminder.

In a democracy, based upon pluralism, everyone has the right to speak their minds and be heard.

We all have an important role and voice in this world – so use it wisely.


Moritz F. Anglero & Mina Marie Anglero

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