Aug 28th, “Love on the Increase”

May you always be filled with the good character and virtues produced in your life. For this will bring much glory and praise.

I hope that your love and care for others will grow more and more, and that you will keep developing in knowledge and understanding. For I want you to grasp what truly matters, so you may live ethical and faultless lives.

People can be hard to care for sometimes, but the more we put it into practice, the easier it becomes.

The beauty of love is that it keeps expanding. If we nurture love with the right motivation, it will increase. As we understand more about love, we know the profound importance of sharing this love with all people.

When we practice love, we honor the essence of humanity because we display the very way of life that uplifts humanity. You will begin to see the fruit of your love toward people as you allow it to increase.

I’m sorry I have failed to show love in situations where I needed to. Thank you that your care for me allows me to care for others.

Love gives us the purest perspective in which to view other people. With it, we gain better insight and more grace into situations. If you come across a difficult situation with somebody today, remember the lens of love and let it guide you to do the right thing.

Who needs to experience your growing love and care this week? Are you able to view people with empathy and kindness today?

I thank you for the path that love leads me on. I hope that I would follow that path because I know that this is the way to have right relationships with people. Help my love and care for others to grow more today.

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In gratitude,

Mina Marie Anglero

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