May and new beginnings

Wow, May went by way too fast. For me this past month consisted of finishing my last semester as a junior, completing final exams and trying to finally land mentally here in Norway. Having another semester in the books has given me more time to spend with friends and family, and finally take action in beginning to heal my foot and myself…

Enjoying nice walks with good company

In this process towards new beginnings, I want to share all the knowledge I am gaining and the experiences I will be engaged in.

For now, here are some points on what I have been enjoying and pondering for this month:

  • What I am reading: “Norske Vinnerskaller, veien til mental styrke of gode prestasjoner” av Anne Marte Pensgaard, Arne J繪rstad Riise, Bj繪rge Stensb繪l (english translation: Norwegian Winning Shells, the road to mental strength and good performance)
  • Quote I’m pondering: We dont see things as they are; we see them as we are 
  • Podcast episode: I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein
  • Exercise I’m loving: Peaceful walks in nature, grateful for the fresh air/the scenery/life
  • Documentary I’ve watched: What The Health
  • Mental model I’m thinking about: Intuitive living, intuitive eating
  • What I’m most focused on right now: finding the right balance in my life by getting in touch with my intuition
  • An article I’ve read and thinking about: Remote Work Means Anyone Can Take Your Job (
17th of May (Norwegian Independence Day)
Homemade italien pizzzza
Sleep over under open sky
favorite way of preparing sweet potatoes (Cinnamon on top!)

Have an amazing start to an officially began summer

Hugs from Mina Marie

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  1. Heier Privat

    GOD MORGEN JENTA MI.S疇 flott det er 疇 se deg p疇 disse bildene og lese teksten din du gj繪r oss veldig stolte og vi gleder oss til 疇 treffe dere p疇 fredag. Varm klem fra mormor. Morfar sover fortsatt men du h繪rer fra han snart. Da ses vi.

    > 1. jun. 2020 kl. 14:25 skrev mina marie anglero : > >

  2. Heier Privat

    Kj疆re Mina. Det er alltid hyggelig og varmende 疇 lese dine 竄m疇nedsbrev罈. Dine tanker og refleksjoner viser en voksen kvinne, en klokt reflekterende kvinne. Det gir en morfar stor glede. Vi ses snart. Klem, Mofa.

    > 1. jun. 2020 kl. 14:25 skrev mina marie anglero : > >

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