Morning pages, July 26th

Be Still & Know… “Sweet and Lovely”

When stress threatens to overwhelm us, it’s natural to want to hide or seek temporary comforts to slow down the world, if only for a moment. Yet we can’t outrun the unconditional love of the universe, God, or a higher power. Today we are called to leave false securities behind and feel the sacred gift of transcendent presence.

Sometimes we want to shy away from this presence – it can feel overwhelming. We may feel unworthy of its ministry, overdue for its forgiveness, or out of touch with its message. Instead of running to it, we hide and try to meet our needs in other ways. But we cannot hide from transcendent love. It persists, waiting patiently for us to open our hearts.

In moments of fear, pain or isolation, transcendent presence offers refuge. It sees our humanity, but reflects the divinity within. By opening to it, we open to healing, wisdom and belonging. The comforts of the world are fleeting, but sacred presence is eternal. Today, we are invited to brave the wilderness within, and reconnect with the love that never leaves us.

Closing gratitude/prayer/manifestation:

“Help me remember life’s beauty, even when times are difficult. Thank you for providing me with all I need. May I open my heart to feel a wise, accepting presence beside me. I release my fears and doubts into its compassionate care. I manifest hope, joy and courage for the path ahead. May I see the interconnectedness in all things and respond with empathy, patience and grace. With deep gratitude, I accept the gifts of this moment and trust in the unfolding journey.”

Daily NEWS:

Recent news reports highlight significant trend the past two decade among the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest, with increased number of the Brazilian Amazon people transitioning from their traditional rural villages to urban environments (IBGE Census 2010, 2022).

Key driver to this urban migration include improved infrastructure offering better economic opportunities, access to healthcare and education, as well as the allure of modern amentities and technology (Browder & Godfrey 1997). The younger generation, especially, is drawn to the prospect of urban life (Stocks, 2005).

However, the process of urbanization does not come without its challenges. As Amazon people integrate into urban centers, they often encounter difficulties related to cultural adaptation, discrimination, access to basic services, and loss of cultural identity. In turn, indigenous migrants often end up residing in slums with inadequate housing and employment opportunities. Consequently, there is a risk of tribal languages fading as the youth adopt Portuguese.

Furthermore, environmentalists have expressed concerns about the potential implications of this trend on the Amazon rainforest. With more indigenous people moving to urban areas, there is an increased risk of deforestation due to activities like logging or agriculture. Preserving the rich cultural heritage and ecological knowledge of the Amazonian communities becomes crucial during this period of transformation.

To address these issues, collaboration between indigenous leaders, local governments, and non-governmental organizations is emphasized to ensure that the rights and well-being of the Amazon people are protected while fostering sustainable development and cultural preservation. The ongoing situation raises important questions about the balance between progress and preservation in one of the world’s most ecologically significant regions.


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