August 24th, “Never Give Up”

There may be many reasons to give up on our dreams; insulted from all angles, threatened with attacks, and/or exhaustion. However, the focus may still be on figuring out solutions to each problem.

Focus on the value in your day-to-day tasks, even as you work toward your dreams. Recognize that you can do many things at once if you’re prepared.

We don’t always reach our big dreams without doing the other necessary parts of life too. We have jobs to do while working toward bigger things.

You’ll have dreams for the future – don’t give up on them. Figure out what will try to stop you and make a strategy to push through.

You still have hopes for the future, even if you don’t know how they’ll happen. Ask for the strategy and strength to never quit.

What everyday task are you doing that you need to see more value in?

With much love,

Mina Marie Anglero

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