Aug 25th «People of Truth»

Seek truth through continuous reflection and contemplation. Spend time each day pondering life’s deepest lessons, so you may integrate them into all you do. For then you will prosper and succeed.

Make it a habit to reflect on wisdom often. Meditate daily on insight and truth so you are sure to act with integrity. Only then will you thrive and accomplish your goals.

The more we contemplate truth, the wiser we become. If we regularly reflect deeply, truth will flow through us, bringing joy, peace and understanding. Even in casual conversations, we will share profound insights.

Have you ever met someone who speaks timeless truths whenever you talk to them? They seem connected to deep wisdom, and their words provide enlightenment. These people echo enduring truths because they spend time in quiet contemplation.

Wisdom intends for its lessons to fill our thoughts and words – an ongoing quest for truth as we speak.

If you regularly contemplate meaning – immersing your mind and spirit in truth – then wisdom will re-emerge when you converse with others. Its compassion, kindness, empathy and grace will flow through you, as you become a conduit of insight.

What other words of gratitude do you have for life today?

New York City ‘23

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