Social media is a scary space, and I have been conflicted in my lack of willingness to conform to the “social-media norms,” with the expectations to present solely our pitch-perfect moments from our life’s highlights….

While on the other side, I do see the beautiful power that we may extract from social media, through the power of sharing, spreading knowledge, and reaching a wider audience. I can’t count the amount of time I have deactivated my account, simply because I do not want to stand by the destructive actions that take form when utilizing social media in this one-sided way. Similarly, I understand how I cannot control others’ actions more than my own, and, therefore, I am going to do my best to stand by my morals while also enjoying the pleasure of sharing with the people I care about…from an honest and open perspective.

As I have been reflecting on my summer, I have been so focused on all the challenging moments from the stress of moving out of Berkeley while working two jobs, to relationships situations, to seeking back and regaining my passion/love for running, to then be hit with a serious injury, to possible surgery, being faced with a time limit of one week to make a life-changing decision (when I thought I had one year), to continuing my exploration of a deeper connection and understanding while all along fighting an internal, continuous mental battle…

However, when taking a step back and (1) putting my situation into perspective, it has been such an impactful and beautiful summer, because one year ago, today, my family and myself spent our entire summer in the hospital…living with the unknown and thoughts of losing someone you love.

That is why these pictures do not come without comment because I truly want to share my challenges but also lessons in this journey we call life… yes, we all have our own baggage, and no, nobody’s situation is comparable, but in this life-process, I believe in the power of sharing and seeking support among each other, rather than breaking each other down.

So, behind these pictures, the smiles, and brightness, there truly has been a very burned-out, scared, and mentally challenged individual, but also a person who continues to seek lessons, where I am learning what it feels like to put things in perspective…

Last summer, the only thing I wanted to do was to get back home to Oslo, Norway as fast as possible, to be with my family. However, this summer (even though it has been an extremely internal challenging summer) I have been focused on (2) smelling the roses.

From spending the first part of my summer in Berkeley…

Pride day…(this picture does have a story attached to it, TBA)
The Bay Area’s golden hours
Appreciation and love for the CA nature in the middle of the redwoods at Skyline during my evening-dog-walks

To traveling to the east coast to be with family

4th of July
8h+ drive from VA to NYC
Absolute my favorite food = my Abuela’s cooking

To a truly relaxing trip in the south of France

Throughout the summer I have had to face one of my biggest challenges, (3) to sit in the uncomfortableness, or as a friend of mine in Norway says “tørre å sitte i uroen”. In other words, this means that you dare to sit with and confront the uncomfortable situation you may be in, with the emotions that it may entail, and to not move until you (and you alone) understand the emotions that this situation may arise and to listen for/find a solution… soooo hard but even better when achieved

Key takeaways (so simple but yet so hard)

  1. Put it into perspective
  2. Smell the roses
  3. Dare to sit in the uncomfortableness

Until next time,

Mina Marie Anglero 🌸

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  1. railwayst

    No socials here but I grew up without them and have never had the addiction force-fed to me like later generations. I do things because they make me feel good (noe slik som konseptet hygge) and to hopefully help others. Looks like you are keeping true to yourself 🙂

  2. Thomas Anglero

    Extremely beautiful words and a lot to think about and contemplate going forward.

    Thank you!

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