Remember, it’s all a process…

Dream team

This picture might not tell you that I planning to pull out of the rest of the XC season,

that I was not able to attend a practice for several weeks due to my mental health

that I could not remember the last time I enjoyed running

that I have actively been seeking help, for my mental and physical well-being

that there were days I could not leave my apartment

that I was lost because of the longing for the love of the sport

What this picture does tell you is that I enjoyed every minute of running,

that I am extremely grateful for the goodness that I am surrounded by in my teammates

that I am on a journey that entails cherishable moments

that I have a huge and good support team behind me

that I am excited for what the future entails

that I am grateful

I decided the day before our travel to leave with the team to Florida, for the Pre-National Championships in Cross Country, 2021. I wanted to make sure that I had gathered all the data, before making any big decisions for the rest of the season. And a couple of hours later (4 am) I was traveling to Tallahassee, and every second felt right. It felt right to travel, to be with the team, and to prepare for the race. It all happened so fast that I did not get to inform close friends or family, however, it was important for me to do this to run for me.

Reminding myself that it is a process. To just be me. That I dont have to finish first in the race but to be first for myself. Being a leader for my own wellness and self-care. To seek that joy and purpose. Telling myself that I am a whole being who lives in an imperfect world. To just be perfectly imperfect myself. To just run.

This was the mentality that I brought with me into the race, and I want to thank my mentor, Kim Brady, for that. I used notes from our previous conversations to prepare me for this race, as a reminder to trusting my path. She also introduced me to being perfectly imperfect.

From our conversations, I am learning to understand how the beauty in life is where the cracks are because that is where we find healing – scars show you that you have lived. She has taught me to be grateful for everything I have felt and gone through, rather than being insensible to my experiences. No matter how challenging they have been, I also have the ability to find so much beauty and love. That is being human. Human BEING. Its all about mindset and being able to view would world through a different lens. Control the controllables – which is YOU and what YOU think and believe.

Thank you, Coach Kim.

歹Mina Marie

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