The Power of Silence…

For the past weeks and months, there have been (and continues to be) enormous amounts of appreciated highs but also a lot of challenging lows. These experiences have required vast amounts of reflection in order to process each event, which is what I have tried (and still trying) to do

My silence has not been done with the intention to ignore these events; but rather to process, seek counsel and pray  

So when I do speak, my words and actions are reflected upon and well calculated 

As our voices are so powerful, we have to be cautious of how we use it

Where what really matters is how we respond and our actions that follow

We all need to take inventory in our own hearts

As we all have our own stories

NYC, summer 2021

For a long time, it has been a build-up of things I want to say, but simultaneously I’ve been scared

I have not known where to begin, and with all the pain, I have not known how to

So, I want to begin with this thing we call life…

Imagine a circle, where the goal is to travel this circle until we get back to who we are supposed to be. In the middle of this circle, we find our distractions (whatever those are for you)

This summer I have tried, to the best of my ability, to remove myself from these distractions – at different times and pastes. Removed myself from media, from my routines, from competitions, obligations – and rather tried to just BE, surrounded myself with love, focused on ACCEPTANCE, to rest, and tried to LISTEN

(at the beginning I did not even know what that meant or how to do it)

The path to happiness begins and ends in the mind

Given the right perspective, each challenging situation can set us free, where our despair can become a special admission. I have, therefore, tried to change my focus – to rather use that despair and to find what lives within me

And it all begins with perspective

“Perspective is the key to how one fares in life”

It is always easier said than done, but maybe you want to join me on this path in finding this freedom, to find the right perspective, and to truly experience happiness…

“The only thing we can control in life, is how we respond to life”

Flowers to you all.

Welcome to the beginning of my REAL journey.

Thank you for your time 歹 Until next time…

~Love, Mina Marie Anglero

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