Week 1 in FR

Dear reader,

I wonder, how have you been the last week? Have you allowed yourself time to stop-think-and feel宇o just be?

Day0: landed in France, got situated before heading out for a quick swim. A lot of thoughts, wanting this to be a right decision..

Day1: woke up right before the sunrise, so went down to the beach and really focused on my gratitude for the day, even though I am struggling with the act of setting daily intentions

Day2: continuing with my morning yoga, therapy, and finding a routine with work/academics/healing

Day3: as a break, to feed mind/body/soul/emotion I walked along the beautiful water front

Day4: challenge – my computer dropped to the floor and would not restart地 huge bump..a good situation to practice just letting go of the past and let the thoughts just pass (no matter how hard it is), and a continuous reminder of gratitude

Day5: Thoughts ~ You are right here. That is all you need to know. You are right here, right now. Look around and listen.. Tough emotional day, but it truly helps talking with people who have been through/currently going through similar situation..

Day6: Questions: who am I? Focus: Self-love, gratitude. Thoughts: little sleep, financial stress

Day7: morning yoga, quick dip in the ocean, breakfast, train to the neighbor town, start walking back while talking with mentor, we talked through a lot and she sat with me as my emotions/feelings were coming through.stop-cry, walk, stop-cry some more (to have someone who is willing to sit with you through your pain is an essential part for me not to feel alone)

The process of wanting to grow, to overcome..it looks different from day to day, moment to moment字emember that

It is scary, challenging, and unnatural to be vulnerable but I believe social media plays an essential part in our miss understanding of/lack of knowledge of how behind each smile, image..and well person, there is more. Everyone has their own story and on their own journey, lets not forget, please, we are just humans..

Until next time,

Much love ~ Mina Marie

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