Welcome to an inside of my journey.

Hello to my beautiful family, friends, and friends of friends!

Mina Marie Anglero here and I am coming to you with an inside to a day-in-my-life. My passion for athletics, nourishment, and wellness has caused me to think about the idea of creating a place where I can be honest about sharing my thoughts, experiences, gained knowledge and other interests throughout my journey. 

I am currently an international-, student-athlete at the University of California, Berkeley. I transferred last year from Norway, run for the Cal Track & Field team/Cross Country team, and specialize in the 800 and 1500m. During the period of 2015 to 2018 I was the point guard for the Norwegian basketball team, and the last couple of years I’ve been running for the Norwegian track and field team. 

“Big Meet” against Stanford, track & field season ’18

Gradually meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and gratitude have made its way into my life, becoming an important part of my everyday. In the little time I have been trying to focus and practice these forms of relaxation methods, I have been introduced to the benefits that it is has given me, such as dealing with stress.

Puerto Rico, summer 2018

Nutrition is a huge part of my life as an athlete, but something can also seem like the most challenging at times. Knowing how much, and of what has been a learning process, but, experimenting has been a good place to start. Trying to learn what will benefit my body and performance the most, but at the same time always eating food that I enjoy. I love trying out new recipes and almost always try to aim for a colorful plate.

Current situation: Everything is coming to an end, my academics – working on my final papers, projects, and presentations, before our exam period begins. Athletics – just finished my XC season, with the Western Regionals Championships in Washington State this weekend being my fifth XC race and officially last one for this season. Surroundings – the fire season has calmed down, and we are currently done with power shut-off on campus and class days being canceled, the situation is currently stable and I am enjoying the last warm/sunshine days that Berkeley has to offer this year.

About last week….

Pre-race Vibes
In between our 45min drive to the XC course
Always cleaning the spikes before race day
Chipotle with my International Squad
Post Race Smiles

This week’s food for thought: Lets invest more time and resources in ourselves with the purpose of becoming happier with our lives and within ourselves. 

Life is good, and love is all around you

–> I will be posting about my journey taking place here at Berkeley, as a student, female athlete and person – stay tuned for more. Leave any questions/comments you want answered.

Love, Mina Marie Anglero

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  1. amalie

    YEs, more updates

  2. ivind Heier

    Kj疆re Mina, from your biggest fans, Mormor and Morfar.
    What a splendid idea. This way we can follow you in most phases of your daily life and to an extent share your experiences and personal development. You have obviously taken some giant steps(in more than one meaning) during your stay at Berkeley and the progress seems to continue.
    It’s very exciting.
    Det st疇r bra til her; den korte vinteren har regnet bort og det regner fortsatt. Vi har det fint og savner deg.
    Store klemmer fra Mormor og Morfar. Vi er kjempeglade i deg, Mina.

    1. Mina Marie Anglero

      Savner dere og tenker s疇 mye p疇 dere hver eneste dag!!

      Stor klem

  3. Camilla

    Kj疆re Mina, elsklingspus.
    This is wonderful!
    What a great way to bring It all together.
    We are so proud of you!
    Elsker deg.


  4. Tronja

    Wonderful! And thanks for sharing the journey look forward for more. Proud of you

    1. Mina Marie Anglero

      And I am extremely proud of you!

  5. Nora

    What a privilege to follow you this way! I’m looking forward to the next installment. Heia! Klem Nora

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