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In a past leadership class, we were given this question:

What is one specific practice you’ve had (or still have) that resulted in significant growth or a memorable outcome?  Describe the practice — how it emerged, and the growth or outcome you experienced.” 

I wanted to share my (ever evolving) answer:

“The first type of specific practice that I immediately think of is my progressive practice within sports. However, I want to challenge myself and rather focus on my practice towards own mental state, which is still happening to this day. With mental state, I reference to my social abilities, my confidence, my academics, and handling different thought patterns, in different situations. The older I have become, the more experience I have gained, and with that, I have developed a broader understanding of what life has to offer, in relation to the mental side. I began with a minimal view of life that is continuously expanding, similarly with my understanding of how to live as an individual in this world. For instance, life comes with different obligations and expectations, in addition to judgments. I am learning to find ways of keeping my focus on my own obligations and not being too distracted by the external world’s judgments. With that ability follows greater and more stable confidence, thicker skin that endeavors more tolerance, as well as developing a deeper belief in my own intuition.

Further, throughout this mental growth process, I have also had the demands from my academic obligations, an aspect in my life that started as a very demanding and exhausting process. Ever since my first day at school, my interests, ability to focus in the classroom and my academic performance were not impressive. I understood at an early age that in order for me to learn and to do well, academically, it would require an excessive amount of time and patience to succeed. Initially, this was not a dimension in life that I was willing to trade my time with family, friends, nor my athletics for. Even though I had “fun”, my academic results were no fun and neither was the amount of work required when I would be behind with school work. There was a change that needed to take place, and this change needed to begin in my head. It was not a change that happened overnight, however, slowly over the years I became more and more disciplined with my academics, alone, and slowly my hard work would pay off….”

I hope you take some time to reflect on your own answer… ❤️

Love, Mina Marie Anglero

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