YOUR HEALTH begins with a healthy cell.

By targeting our health on a cellular level, we can begin to restore our balance.

The body is self-healing WHEN provided with the right circumstances.

OMEGA-3 fatty acids is one of the MOST IMPORTANT nutrients to promote proper cell function

After learning about the importance of cellular balance, taking a blood test, and starting on health protocol, I became an independent partner with a Scandinavian company that is a global leader in test-based nutrition. AND now I want to help you achieve better cellular health!

Here are 3 steps to get your cells in balance:

  1. Take a balance test to get a detailed analysis of your essential fatty acid levels.
  2. Take BalanceOil+ daily to get the right quality and dosage of omega-3s.
  3. Retest after 120 days (the lifespan of red blood cells) to see your improvement.

Let織s focus on prevention and cellular health.

Are you interested in testing if you are in balance? A balance test can provide insights into your unique nutritional needs; if what you are eating entails enough and the right nutritents?

Use the chat function or my email if you want to learn more!


WHY I began with the Zinzino protocol part 1 & part 2

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